Plot printing capacity and clean CMYK with high quality finishes.

“Dinastia Vivanco” offset printing with embossing.


With strong ink deposits on your labels to get live colours that are resistant and permanent in the open air.

“Atios” screen printing.


A quick, economic and high quality process. The UV technology means we can achieve quality labels in short delivery times and at competitive prices.

“WIR” flexo printing.


Decoration to give a touch of quality to your product through gold and silver effects using  hot-stamping or cold-stamping.

“Cepa Negra” Offset printing with stamping finishes.


Labels in Braille language for the benefit of the blind.

“Attis” printing with Braille, embossing and holography.


Embossing – Volugraph

Manages to enhance a part of the label, has a very pleasant feel and creates a very useful aesthetic sensation for products that aim to transmit an elegant, prestigious image.

“Torres Alba” offset printing with embossing and stamping.


Combination of Technology

The company carries out many developments in the printing of highly complex labels where different printing and finishing techniques are combined in one piece of work.

“Torres Alba” offset printing with embossing and stamping.

“Gran Coronas”, combined stamping and embossing finishes.

“Cepa Negra” Offset printing with stamping finishes.

In our BLOG you can find more information about different printing technologies and their applications.

SleeveDirect, is a division of IPE that offers high quality shrinkable SLEEVES label printing.

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