New range of Labels with Stamping and Embossing

The label shown on the image has Micro Stamping on the silver area, with a snail-shape design that gives the label a fine finish, whilst the gold stamping with High Embossing gives the label a notable and unique appearance. Go to IPE Videos

Digital Printing

Latest technology in High Defitinion Digital Printing.  Currently, digital technology allow us to offer high quality products in a more flexible and agile way. At IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L., we invest in the latest technological advances in order to offer our clients a fast, efficient and economic service in the production of printing materials which, due to their feautures, require this type of technology.  Read more at IPE Blog

Stamping y Micro Stamping

microstampingWith Micro Stamping we obtain elegant and delicate designs, over a metal colour layer.  Leafs, drops, stars, branches, waves are some of the shapes that can be obtained with Micro Stamping.
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The labels with Stamping + High Embossing create a spectacular effect of textures and feelings to touch and sight thanks to the large volume of the high relief given by the stamping.  It can be applied to letters and shapes to create a visual impact or focal point on the label. Go to IPE Video. Read more at IPE Blog

In our BLOG you can find more information about different printing technologies and their applications.
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SleeveDirect, is a division of IPE that offers high quality shrinkable SLEEVES label printing.

contacto_34The Interactive label has been developed with the new ENHANCED REALITY
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