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QR Code

QR codes are the evolution from barcodes and they can store hundreds of times more information in less space than a traditional barcode.
QR codes are able to manage all types of data; numerical, alphabetical, symbols, control codes, etc. Read more at IPE Blog

QR Code Applications

There are numerous applications that can be given to this new way of communicating with clients as the code can be linked to videos, download zones and web pages, giving more information about a product, make promotions, include contact data, give details about an offer or competition. Go to IPE Video

How do QR Codes works?

  1. Visit some of the following webs from your mobile phone navigator:
    – Application free in the Blackberry App World
  2. Download and install the application to read QR-CODES in your mobile.
  3. Focus the bi-dimensional code with the mobile phone camera to capture the code information.

novedades_gr_45New range of Stamping + Relief Labels, gives the label a notable and unique appearance

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novedades_gr_48SleeveDirect, is a division of IPE that offers high quality shrinkable SLEEVES label printing.

contacto_34The Interactive label has been developed with the new ENHANCED REALITY
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