We provide a complete range of supports to develop products adapted to different printing technologies:

  • Vacuum metallic and laminated
  • PE Films
  • PP Films
  • PVC Films
  • PET Films
  • Special components
  • Shrink material – sleeve
  • Non-stucco papers
  • Shiny stucco papers
  • Matt stucco papers
  • Colour papers
  • Humidity resistant papers
  • Thermal Eco
  • Thermal Top
  • Thermal transfer

Specials Inks

1. Thermo-chromic Ink

Changes colour when there is an increase or decrease in temperature.

2. Photo-chromatic Ink

Exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light it changes from one colour to another and the process is reversible.

3. Holographic Effects

Creates attractive holographic effects that change colour depending on the viewpoint angle.

4. Phosphorescent Ink

Shines in the dark and charges with any light source.

5. Metallic Ink

Creates impressive effects with metallic colours: gold, silver, bronze or copper.

6. Special Pigments

Particles that generate different effects: Metallic, Pearl, Diamond, Luminescent, and Iridescent.


We have a wide range of adhesives adapted to the different applications that you would like to give to your label:

  • Permanent
  • For frozen goods
  • For  Alimentation
  • Semi – permanent
  • Removable
  • Detachable to wash
  • Special adhesives
  • UV hot melt

New range of Stamping + Relief Labels, gives the label a notable and unique appearance

SleeveDirect, is a division of IPE that offers high quality shrinkable SLEEVES label printing.

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