Interactive Labels: Creative and Innovative Communication

The Interactive label has been developed with the new ENHANCED REALITY technology, which combines real elements (Label) and virtual elements (3D, videos, music, information, etc).  Only a device with a camera is needed to turn real-world information into interactive or digital information. Read more at IPE Blog Go to IPE Video

How do they work?

Interactive Labels use image-recognition technology by means of a camera to identify any type of object in real time:

– Photos, logos, drawings
– Faces
– Bidi, QR codes
– Bar code

Interactive Applications

When it has recognised the image the application searches on the Internet for the multimedia content associated and superimposes it in a dynamic way, offering multiple interactive applications:

– Animated 3D models
– Videos
– Floating images
– Texts
– Interactive menus
– Audio and Music
– Social data

Applications for products

– Product and brand information
– Product demonstration
– Games and entertainment
– Social Networking
– Virtual goods
– Contextual awards
– Vouchers
– Collections
– Contests

In our BLOG you can find more information about different printing technologies and their applications.
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contacto_34The Interactive label has been developed with the new ENHANCED REALITY
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