Booklet labels

Two layer Booklet Labels

  • It has three sides for printing and placing information.
  • Adaptable to the shape of any packaging.
  • The label opens and closes easily so that it can be read.

Folding Booklet Labels

  • Label with folding booklet format.
  • Adaptable to designs with diverse shapes and sizes.

Wrapping Booklet Labels

  • Dispone de varias capas que envuelven el producto.
  • Para colocar en envase con forma cilíndrica.

Sense Labels

Labels with Braille

  • Labels with high quality Braille system and maximum legibility.
  • Printing on any material and combined with different printing technologies.

Aromatic Labels

  • A label that incorporates a special area that once scratched releases the desired fragrance. Ideal so that the consumer knows the product aroma without opening the product.

Labels with Texture

  • Labels with tactile finishes that can simulate different materials and textures.

Special Ink labels – Stamping

Thermo-chromic Ink

  • Changes colour when there is an increase or decrease in temperature.

Holographic Effects

  • Creates attractive holographic effects that change colour depending on the viewpoint angle.

Metallic Ink

  • Creates impressive effects with metallic colours: gold, silver, bronze or copper.

Transparent Labels

Labels No Label Look

  • Two Labels: one on the front and another on the back, both transparent.
  • Transparent label and packaging that enhances and shows the physical characteristics of the product..

Clear&Clear Effect Labels

  • Transparent label on opaque packaging.
  • It simulates the printing on the packaging and is more economical than direct printing.

Decorative Background Labels

  • Two Labels: one transparent on the front and another printed on the back of a transparent package, creating and impacting decorative background.

Adaptable Labels

Flexible Tube Labels

  • For tubes with different diameters and lengths.
  • It simulates the printing on the packaging and allows for stock reduction.

Easy Open&Close Labels

  • Guarantees safety of first opening.
  • Allows for easy opening and closing of the product.
  • Perfectly conserves product properties.

Collar Labels

  • To hang on packaging with necks.
  • They can be printed in any cast, in various materials and different printing technologies.

novedades_gr_45New range of Stamping + Relief Labels, gives the label a notable and unique appearance.

novedades_gr_48SleeveDirect, is a division of IPE that offers high quality shrinkable SLEEVES label printing.

contacto_34The Interactive label has been developed with the new ENHANCED REALITY
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