Prizes and Ancknowlegments

IPE, Industria Gráfica, awarded at the latest edition of the FINAT’19 prizes

For yet another year, our work has been recognized with an award at the latest edition of the FINAT’19 prizes. In this edition, the label for the wine Abadia da Cova has received the top prize in its category, thus recognizing the level of quality in the printing of this label.
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IPE, wins Non-Adhesive Applications Group in the 2018 FINAT Label Competition
Sleeve: ‘Maxim’s Noël Champagne’

IPE, Etiquetas & Sleeves, winner of a new award in the latest edition of the Finat’17 Awards
Labels: Eco Bodegas Martínez Alesanco y Natura Bissé
The labels made by IPE for Bodegas Martínez Alesanco’s ECO wine and for the top of the range cosmetics brand Natura Bissé, were awarded as “Highly-recommended’ in the latest edition of these international awards.
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IPE, receives the award for the sleeve-label developed for Bodegas Murviedro
Label: Bodegas Murviedro
The sleeve-label made for Luna de Murviedro has been given an award in the annual international competition run by the International Federation of Self-Adhesive Label Manufacturers.

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2016 – FINAT- IPE, once again awarded in the latest edition of the FINAT awards
Label: Viña Albali

The label developed by IPE for Viña Albali Verdejo Rueda was acknowledged and awarded both for the degree of the label’s innovation and the levels of applied technology and print quality.

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2015- Top recommendations at the FINAT awards.
Label: Blanco Moscato Capel

Quality in the details:The label invites us to take some time to review all the highly defined lines; moreover, the application of the Volugraf technique to improve certain parts of the label with a prominent effect manages to evoke the freshness of this wine.

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2014 –Top recommendations at the FINAT awards.
Label: Hellfire.

The label made by IPE for the whisky brand Hellfire, was finalist in the grand finale and acknowledged with a “High recommendation” for the innovative characteristics of the label as well as for the scale of applied technology and printing quality.Read more at IPE Blog

2014 – Packaging of the world
Label: Silvaurum

A label made at IPE and designed by the studio Paga Disseny from Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, has been acknowledged on Packaging of the World, a website that gathers together the most interesting works in packaging on a world scale.

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2014 -World Label Awards
Label: Planas Albareda
We have recently been awarded at the last edition of the “World Label Awards”, the sector4s worldwide awards for the label developed for Bodegas Planas Albareda. The label was….

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2013 – FINAT- IPE receives 4 top recommendations at the FINAT awards.

Once again, FINAT has given 4 recommendations to our labels in the annual awards competition organised by this association. The labels have stood out for their technical levels of printing as well for their communication capacity

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2012 – FINAT
Label: IPE Interactive Label
Interactive Label which by means of a camera uses image-recognition technology to conduct promotional actions, games, etc. on the consumer’s Smartphone. It attracted the jury’s attention because of the use of new technologies applied to the label.
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2012 FINAT Sleeve: Nytronium
Holographic Sleeve which creates a coloured sparkles effect when changing the label’s viewing angle. This is an innovative work ..
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2012 – FINAT
Label: IRA

The IRA label, which outstands for its complicated burnt-paper effect. It requires a special
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