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IPE, Industria Gráfica, awarded at the latest edition of the FINAT’19 prizes.

For yet another year, our work has been recognized with an award at the latest edition of the FINAT’19 prizes. In this edition, the label for the wine Abadia da Cova has received the top prize in its category, thus recognizing the level of quality in the printing of this label. The award-winning label is [...]

Wednesday 19 June 2019|

IPE, receives the award for the sleeve-label developed for Bodegas Murviedro in the latest edition of the Finat’17 Awards.

.The sleeve-label made for Luna de Murviedro has been given an award in the annual international competition run by the International Federation of Self-Adhesive Label Manufacturers. . The sleeve made for Bodegas Murviedro has been given 2 awards IPE, Etiquetas & Sleeves, has been awarded for the sleeve-label made for Luna de Murviedro in the [...]

Friday 16 June 2017|

IPE, Etiquetas & Sleeves, winner of a new award in the latest edition of the Finat’17 Awards

The labels made by IPE for Bodegas Martínez Alesanco’s ECO wine and for the top of the range cosmetics brand Natura Bissé, were awarded as "Highly-recommended' in the latest edition of these international awards.   Once again, FINAT- International Federation of Self-Adhesive Label Manufacturers-  has given two awards to the labels presented by IPE in [...]

Friday 16 June 2017|

Francesc Egea, named Vice President of the international association, FINAT.

Francesc Egea, CEO of IPE Etiquetas & Sleeves, has been named as Vice President of the FINAT (International Association of Self-Adhesive Label Manufacturers). The appointment took place on Berlin the 8th of June during the European Label Forum -FINAT’s annual meeting – and was announced by the FINAT’s new President. Francesc Egea replaces Chris Ellison [...]

Tuesday 13 June 2017|

The Silvaurum label on Packaging of the World

A label made at IPE and designed by the studio Paga Disseny from Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, has been acknowledged on  Packaging of the World, a website that gathers together the most interesting works in packaging on a world scale.  The label is the one made for Silvaurum, the brand of extra virgin olive oil. This is a [...]

Wednesday 1 March 2017|

IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, receives a high recommendation in the latest edition of the FINAT Awards

Once again this year, FINAT- International Federation of Self-Adhesive Label Manufacturers-  has acknowledged our labels in the annual competition for the awards organised by this association. The label made by  IPE for the whisky brand Hellfire, was finalist in the grand finale and acknowledged with a “High recommendation” for the innovative characteristics of the label as [...]

Wednesday 1 March 2017|

Ipe awarded for the fourth consecutive year in the latest edition of the Finat’16 Awards

Once again, FINAT- International Federation of Self-Adhesive Label Manufacturers-  has acknowledged our labels in the annual competition for the awards organised by this association. The label made by IPE  for Viña Albali Verdejo Rueda wine was finalist in the grand finale and awarded with a “High recommendation” in the latest edition of the awards. The [...]

Wednesday 1 March 2017|

Why is it important to include the FSC/PEFC certifications on the products?

The FSC and PEFC stamps on the labels that IPE print guarantee that the paper used comes from sustainably managed forests. The fact that having a label supplier like IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L., which has the FSC and PEFC certificates, means that we can transfer the guarantee and the commitment to the environment to [...]

Wednesday 25 November 2015|

Villa Conchi Practical Case: Restyling a label

Thinking about restyling or redesigning a label means maintaining the product’s base image while updating and improving its aesthetics. This was the challenge set down by Cavas Villa Conchi:  To improve the design of the label that had accompanied the image of the four Cava Villa Conchi varieties, taking the original label as the reference. [...]

Wednesday 25 November 2015|

How do you choose your label solutions partner?

The importance of the label as part of product branding and the multiple combinations of materials, inks, papers, functions, etc... that create a label has meant that assessment in label printers plays a more and more significant role in the development of a communication and sales element for the product, such as the label. Label [...]

Wednesday 25 November 2015|

IPE AT EUROPEAN LABEL FORUM: Presentation of Novelties

Last June, IPE was present at the event organised by the new FINAT European Label Forum. A congress that brings together over 300 label sector participants from Europe and the rest of the world. Different themes related to the label value chain were discussed during the event, with special emphasis on managing companies in this [...]

Wednesday 25 November 2015|

IPE, once again awarded in the latest edition of the FINAT awards

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that we have recently been awarded in the latest edition of the FINAT awards, prizes that are given by the international Federation of Self-Adhesive Label Manufacturers, during their annual competition. The label developed by IPE for Bodegas Capel and its Blanco Moscato Capel wine, was acknowledged and [...]

Wednesday 25 November 2015|

Customisation of products and their packaging/label: the “dna” of marketing

In the past years we have passed from the globalisation "boom" with the consequent increase of the demand that it entailed, to customization, to marketing strategies focused on adapting each product to each country, region, individual, etc. It is therefore a marketing strategy which is becoming more common among the food and beverage brands that [...]

Monday 13 April 2015|


The “Millennials” generation was born under the umbrella of economic growth, they are well-prepared consumers that do not settle for the basic, a generation born between 1980 and 1995 which currently represents one-third of the world's population.  They are demanding consumers, "explorers" that want to know more about the product because they want to identify [...]

Monday 13 April 2015|

Clear labels: trends

The good, if brief and simple, is twice as good. Embossing, shines, effects, etc., the variety of techniques and the possible combinations to apply on labels is increasingly wider, almost infinite, and that is why at IPE we focus our efforts on informing our clients that there is No limit when it comes to communicating [...]

Monday 13 April 2015|

IPE AT ENOMAQ. Presentation of New Products

CELLARS SPECIAL IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetaje presented at Enomaq under the concept "Sensations and Emotions on Labels" the latest applications for labels, specially outstanding new options aimed at providing unique effects through the combination of techniques, materials and inks.  Thus, at the Enomaq Trade Fair we presented novelties such as the 3D High Embossing,  a [...]

Monday 13 April 2015|

METALLISED VOLUGRAPH: Welcome to a world of volumes and embossing

Volugraph is a special technique that confers a volume effect to all or part of the label.   Applying this technique allows enhancing, by means of embossing, certain elements of the label creating a sense of volume.  Thus, the metallised effect provides a shiny an enhanced result.  Sensations and Emotions on labels:  This technique allows [...]

Monday 13 April 2015|

New options for Booklet Labels

We have already spoken on many occasions on our blog about the advantages of multi-page labels that allow us to incorporate additional information on the product. The Booklet  label is a self-adhesive and foldable label with a double layer of material that offers a surface area that is 3 times greater in comparison to the [...]

Wednesday 11 June 2014|

Waterproof Labels

In the summer we fancy cool things to fight the heat. Very often, the labels on some products, like drinks, are affected due to exposure to water or extremely cold conditions.  The result? A “soaked” label, that deteriorates the product’s original image. Therefore, the solution is to use self-adhesive papers that are water resistant. These [...]

Wednesday 11 June 2014|

IPE Eco-awareness: Our commitment to the Environment

At IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L., we continue working in different actions whose objective is to minimise the impact on the environment. The latest of these actions has been the important investment we have recently made in our production building where we have substituted the lighting we had to date for new lighting with LED’s. [...]

Wednesday 11 June 2014|

Article: Basic considerations to take into account when developing a new product label

After the effort involved in starting up a new product, then comes the effort of deciding what the image of this product is going to be like in the market, a key decision upon which good part of its sales success depends. Given the importance of the label for the sales possibilities of a re-vamped [...]

Tuesday 10 June 2014|


Currently, digital technology allows us to offer high quality products in a more flexible and agile way. At IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L, we invest in the latest technological advances in order to offer our clients a fast, efficient and economic service in the production of printing materials which, due to their features, require this [...]

Thursday 29 May 2014|

IPE, awarded at the “World Labels Awards”

We are pleased to inform you that we have recently been awarded, at the last edition of the  "World Label Awards“, the sector’s worldwide awards, for the label developed for Bodegas Planas Albareda. This award means worldwide recognition of our technical printing standards and our label finishes. "World Label Awards" are the awards given by [...]

Monday 24 March 2014|

One need, One label

Who are my public? How can I reach them through labelling/packaging? New ways of thinking: Can I merge labelling and packaging in just one material? How can I take advantage of the label to differentiate and protect my product from the competition? Can I make my label ECOFRIENDLY? As there is a label for every [...]

Friday 21 March 2014|

ARTICLE: Consumer Friendly Labels.

“Friendly” labelling is one that provides the consumer with added value and seeks to satisfy all or most of the needs that consumers have when getting to know and buying a product, therefore improving consumer-product interaction. “Friendly” labelling is a powerful tool to provide the more detailed information that consumers demand and need about the [...]

Thursday 20 March 2014|

New Materials

At IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L., we continuously incorporate new materials into our high quality labelling and sleeves manufacturing processes. We recently got "new members” in our family of materials. We take great pleasure in presenting some of them here: DOUBLE-SIDED METALLIC EFFECT MATERIALS: A very new material whose main feature is the golden metallic [...]

Wednesday 19 March 2014|

IPE ADVICE: Annual Labelling Check-up

We are inaugurating a new section with brief advice about labelling and solutions in packaging. Some of the advice will be about printing formats, recommendations about materials, well, "technical advice". We will also publish advice focused on themes related to "graphic design for labels" and, lastly, we will talk about other more “marketing-like” themes aimed [...]

Tuesday 18 March 2014|

Farewell to oil cruets

A while back we told you in this blog about a new norm that would be applied to bars and restaurants in Spain from the 1st of January 2014 regarding the obligation to present olive oil in bottles that are duly labelled, in non-refillable packaging or in one-use packaging. This has led to the new [...]

Monday 17 March 2014|

Ecological labels from recycled paper

At IPE -Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L.- we started up the IPE EcoConciencia programme 3 years ago, a programme based on a whole series of actions aimed at minimising the impact on the environment and to increase awareness about the importance of conserving our surroundings. There is now greater awareness about the need to protect and [...]

Monday 10 February 2014|

An attractive label to get consumer attention

Fuente imagen: Barlow Doherty  A design agency, was given a challenge: To develop a new image and label for a South African brand of wine, but in such a way that, through the label, the sensation of “being on holiday” was transmitted.  In order to do so, the studio opted for a flashy, fresh and multicolour [...]

Monday 27 January 2014|

Gourmet Products and Booklet Labels: A perfect combination

In the Gourmet products sector the packaging design, the materials, the label image, the texts... are key elements that explain the products and the arguments that justify the “premium” nature of the product. It is not only important to know what to say and how to say it, but also to capture this information in [...]

Friday 17 January 2014|

Stamping on labels: What is it?

Stamping is a finishing process where a metallised effect is applied onto the label.  The stamping technique allows us to give the label a distinguished finish, producing a quality product and higher added value image. Although it has been used a lot in the wine sector, stampings are more and more often being applied to [...]

Wednesday 15 January 2014|

The era of experiences: Marketing of Experiences

The marketing of experiences- also known as sensorial or experiential marketing – seeks to create bonds with the consumer through emotional concepts that humanise a brand.  It is about reaching the "consumer’s heart" and creating a brand loyalty bond between the consumer and his/her relationship and experiences with the products. And nowadays it isn’t enough just to [...]

Friday 25 October 2013|

IPE invests in the latest artificial technology in all of its production lines

ARTIFICIAL VISION: WHAT IS IT? Artificial vision is a technology that allows us to control the entire label printing process and to determine whether they reach quality standards. HOW DOES IT WORK?  Through the installation of a camera and control software to compare the labels with the reference label. 1).-PRINTING:           Exhaustive comparison [...]

Friday 25 October 2013|

IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, in the media

The media has recently published articles about IPE in which we explain the evolution of IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L., during these more than 50 years dedicated to manufacturing quality adhesive labels, sleeves and other packaging materials. Here are some of the interviews: To see interview, click the image or  here Interview published in DOSSIER [...]

Friday 25 October 2013|

IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L, was present at the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the Italian company Prati.

For the Italian company Prati’s XL Anniversary the management of IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES S.L.- represented by LLuís Egea (Managing Director) and Francesc Egea (Assistant Manager) had the pleasure of being able to participate in the well-known Italian company’s celebrations that were recently organised in Label Expo 2013. Therefore, IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES joins in the greetings offered by all [...]

Friday 25 October 2013|

When a label deserve to shine on both sides….

There are products that deserve to shine and stand out, for their quality, for their careful image, for their recognition, for their prestige..... For a product like that and for a label in line with the exclusive image it wants to transmit we have an innovative metallised golden material for both the front and the [...]

Friday 25 October 2013|


We will soon be setting up the "Laboratory of Ideas" competition, an event aimed at young designers who are currently studying graphic design/audio-visual communication. The competitors must present a graphic proposal that defines the "Laboratory of Ideas" concept. What is the Laboratory of Ideas?: This is a work methodology aimed at encouraging joint work between customer-designer [...]

Friday 25 October 2013|


Some time ago in this blog we informed you about our Laboratory of Ideas, a work methodology aimed at offering the latest developments in our sector; materials, inks, printing processes, etc.. so as to develop new products and customised projects. With the intention of explaining how this work methodology works, we leave you with an example [...]

Friday 25 October 2013|

IPE receives, once again this year, 4 top recommendations at the FINAT awards

Once again, FINAT- International Federation of Self- Adhesive Label Manufacturers- has given 4 top recommendations to our labels in the annual awards competition organised by this association. The labels have stood out for their technical levels of printing as well as for their communication capacity with the end client. All of them represent a wide range [...]

Thursday 1 August 2013|

IPE in the social networks

Since last June IPE- Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L, has a profile on Twitter. In this way,  and with the aim of creating new communication channels with our client and collaborators, we have started out on a new venture in the social networks. We have started with our profile on Twitter @IPE_Etiquetas, where we will comment on news, articles [...]

Thursday 1 August 2013|

Do you know about our IDEAS LABORATORY?

Sharing hopes and new projects! During our time as a leading company in our sector we have come across all types of demands and, to date, we have always been able to offer a solution to our clients’ labelling needs, no matter how specific or peculiar they may be. But in our commitment to go [...]

Thursday 1 August 2013|

Labels that help the manufacturer: Product piracy

Piracy and falsification of products, especially in the cosmetics industry (creams, perfumes, etc..) but also in food and drink products, is a reality that many manufacturers have to face up to. According to a survey carried out some time ago by ANDEMA*, 17% of companies in the Drinks sector have had some type of brand [...]

Thursday 1 August 2013|

Labels that help the consumer

Description of “label”(according to the dictionary): Brand, sign or tag placed on an object or on merchandise for its identification, evaluation, classification, etc. Up to this point the definition, however, we all know that a label, sleeve or any other type of packaging is much more than just an element to identify a product. The label [...]

Thursday 1 August 2013|


At IPE-Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L.- we believe that there are no limits nowadays on how to communicate and transmit a product’s singularities through its labelling.  The label must meet its goals from the design and image point of views as well as from the functional point of view, and just one thing is needed: good [...]

Thursday 25 April 2013|


With a clear vocation to offering our clients a fast service, we now offer them a Graphic Re-design service that includes tasks likes solving small problems with the label graphics or giving advice about their composition and design, amongst others. Likewise, we offer the possibility of directly contacting the client’s designer in order to clear [...]

Thursday 25 April 2013|


At IPE-Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L.- we are aware of the impact our activity could have on the environment and for that very reason we set up the IPE EcoConciencia (IPE EcoAwareness) programme over 3 years ago, a programme based on an entire series of steps to be taken in order to minimise the impact on [...]

Thursday 25 April 2013|


New materials have many applications but, above all, they offer many advantages  - becoming finer and lighter all the time-that are available for the creation of labels.  At IPE-Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L.- we have a new range of lighter and finer 20g/m2 materials that bring many advantages from the efficiency, cost and environmental commitment point of view and, [...]

Wednesday 24 April 2013|


At IPE-Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L.- we are very pleased about the great interest shown in our new labels grouped under the collection called "Sensations and Emotions on the labels". At present, the value of label design is of the utmost importance for the viniculture sector as it is an element that has a direct influence on [...]

Wednesday 20 March 2013|

IPE was acknowledged with 3 high recommendations at the FINAT 2012 awards

Once again FINAT, the international federation of self-adhesive label manufacturers, has awarded an acknowledgement to IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes at the annual contest organised by this association. Out of this year's 325 contestants only some of the works reached the great final and were designated "High Recommendations" as a result of their innovation, printing excellence [...]

Monday 16 July 2012|

SleeveDirect has a new website

SleeveDirect which is a division of IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L  specialized in printing SLEEVE shrinckable labels has set-up a new website designed to make known all the applications, the latest news and services related to this type of label. SleeveDirect's site on the network has an improved design to make navigation and the search [...]

Monday 9 July 2012|

Booklet Label applications

Booklet labels have many applications and IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L. would like to show you all the options that these type of labels offer: Phytosanitary: - Compliance of legal requirements on product information.  - Instructions for use. - Directions. Pharmacy: - The information is attached to the product.  Cosmetics: - Perfect for small containers [...]

Sunday 8 July 2012|

IPE awarded at the 61st Graphic Arts Contest 2012

For yet another year, IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L,  has receiveved the prize for the best printed label, at the 61st eddition of the Yearly Graphic Arts Contest, organised by the Association of Graphic Arts Industry of Catalonia. The label awarded “Flor de Vetus” is a delicate lable for white wine which is has been [...]

Friday 22 June 2012|

IPE organises the 1st Art&Label Seminar: Incorporating emotions to Label designing

The 1st Art&Label seminar, organized by IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L. was held the 1st of June in Barcelona and had the aim of gathering the main packaging design agencies in Spain to acquaint them with latest trends in materials and technology.  In this first edition, the theme of the Seminar was aimed at creating [...]

Friday 22 June 2012|

Photos: 1st Art&Label Seminar

Thursday 21 June 2012|

IPE 50 years (1962-2012)

This year IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L celebrates its 50th anniversary, an occasion which allows reviewing the long path which has allowed the company to be acknowledged, both national and internationally, as a company of reference in the sector of graphic arts. IPE Innovaciones Para etiquetajes, S.L opened in 1962 when it started manufacturing adhesive [...]

Saturday 12 May 2012|

IPE Future: Creating Emotions through the Senses

IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L believes that the future of Labels and Packaging lies in creating emotions through the the senses. When designing a label, the composition, materials, textures, shines and shapes are elements that must support each other to form a coherent and aesthetic whole capable of creating emotions. The combination of materials, design [...]

Friday 11 May 2012|

3 Generations of IPE

IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L is part of the 15% of the Family Run Businesses that survive to the third generation.  This continuity is mainly due to the synergy between Francisco Egea Gorina, founder and owner and his son Lluís Egea i Coma, to start new businesses, manage the company and create commitment to the [...]

Friday 11 May 2012|

IPE EcoConcience environmental awareness programme

At IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L, we believe that preserving and improving the environment, besides from a priority, is is the best future guarantee. That is why the programme IPE EcoConcience has seen the light, with which we whish to encourage awareness and involve our employees, suppliers and clients with actions that contribute to a [...]

Thursday 10 May 2012|

Range of “Adaptable” Labels

The range of “Adaptable Labels” by IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L offers several special applications for labels adapted to the container’s functionality, design and material. Included among the range of “Adaptable Labels” are: 1. Easy Open & Close labels for flexible containers, allow easily opening and closing the product.  Used on packets of wipes for [...]

Tuesday 20 March 2012|

Types of applications for Sleeves

IPE innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L through its brand SleeveDirect, specialised in high quality Sleeve shrinkable labels, provides information on the different ways of applying thermo-shrinkable labels to containers: Full-body Sleeve Shrinkable labels only covers the base of the container.  Full-body Sleeve plus Seal.  Labels covers the base and the top of the container and include [...]

Tuesday 20 March 2012|

IPE Awards and Acknowledgements

For IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L, to receive an award is the best recognition to the work of a team of professionals who with 50 years experience are still committed to excelling in the graphic arts field on the basis of an excellent level of innovation, quality and service. These past years have been of [...]

Tuesday 20 March 2012|

Labels with Screen Printing

Screen printing is ideal for labels with intense colours and high intensity backgrounds.  This technology perfectly integrates with transparent materials. The combination of screen printing with flexography printing and Offset is increasingly requested by the clients of IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L. The possibilities offered by screen printing are almost unlimited and the colours and [...]

Tuesday 20 March 2012|

Request presentation: “Labels with special effects: Catching the consumer’s attention”

In order to promote the multiple applications and combinations that can be applied in the design and creation of labels, IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L, invites you to request the presentation “Labels with special effects” presented by Francesc Egea at the LearnShop within the framework of the Packaging Innovations 2011 trade fair held in Barcelona. [...]

Tuesday 20 March 2012|

Holographic effect Sleeve

Retractile sleeves labels are very attractive and striking and they are used to generate a modern, up-to-date product image, but when they have a holographic effect, the result is multiplied. The holographic sleeve that IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L. prints creates a colour beaming effect depending on the angle we look at the label, which [...]

Thursday 2 February 2012|

Range of Transparent Labels

Within the range of transparent labels that  IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetaje S.L. offers, there are different applications depending on the effect you want to achieve and the packet you are going to use.  The following can be found within the range of transparent Labels: 1. No Label Look Labels: the transparent label and package highlight and [...]

Thursday 2 February 2012|

VOID labels

VOID labels is a safety application that IPE Innovaciones para Etiquetajes, S.L. offers, just like the Self-destructing or authenticity guarantee labels. The main characteristic of the VOID label is that when we try to remove it, it splits into two layers, leaving proof of manipulation with the word VOID remaining stuck to the product. Once [...]

Thursday 2 February 2012|

2 Layer Booklet Label

Within the line of removable labels that IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L offers, we have the 2 layer Booklet. This type of label increases the communication space as it has 3 faces available for printing and to place information like: instructions for use in various languages, product composition, legal requirements, how to use, etc. Likewise, [...]

Thursday 2 February 2012|

IPE Global Presence

For IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L., client proximity is a priority and we therefore have branches and representatives throughout Spain, to provide a service that meets our clients’ demands in a competent, quick and flexible way. Likewise, the company has extensive experience in the international market through its clients in 15 countries around the world, [...]

Thursday 2 February 2012|

Aromatic Labels

How many times have had to open a product to know its aroma? When buying air-fresheners, shampoos, creams, deodorants, cleaning products, etc, the smell of the product is basic in the buying decision.  That is why IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L has developed Aromatic Labels with a special area that when scratched, gives the aroma [...]

Wednesday 23 November 2011|

Phosphorescent Inks

Within the wide range of special inks offered by IPE Innovaciones para Etiquetajes, S.L, are the phosphorescent inks, which charge with energy from any light and then shine in the dark for a certain amount of time. Phosphorescent inks are invisible under the regular light but when in the dark they reflect a greenish, bluish [...]

Wednesday 23 November 2011|

Sleeves for confectionery products

The confectionery sector has needed to adapt its packaging to the new consumption habits with regard to formats and labels. These are every day more noticeable and manufactured with complex printing techniques to generate shines, sparkles, textures and contrasts that distinguish the products from those of the competition.  Sleeves are being used by this sector [...]

Wednesday 23 November 2011|

IPE – Empack 2011

Wednesday 23 November 2011|

Labels with Thermochromic Inks

IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L, offers a wide range of possibilities regarding the use and combinations of different special inks and technologies on the same label. Thermochromic inks can be found amongst the inks with most demand, which indicate variations in product temperature by changing colour. Thermochromic inks are used a lot for drinks labels [...]

Thursday 20 October 2011|

Sleeves For Sports Products

Normally the retractile sleeves labels are related to products from the drinks, food, cleaning and cosmetic sectors. However, this type of label is applied more and more often for products from other sectors like the technological, automotive, and industrial or sports sectors. Amongst the sports products, the sleeves are very much used for packaging that [...]

Thursday 20 October 2011|

IPE – Delivery Services

IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L, does not just offer high quality innovative products, it also offers a personalised service to its clients, which covers the professional attention of sales networks throughout Spain and Europe, the technical backup from various departments and the label delivery service. The company has a logistics department in charge of preparing [...]

Thursday 20 October 2011|

IPE Video – Interactive Label

The Interactive label has been developed with the new ENHANCED REALITY technology, which combines real elements (Label) and virtual elements (3D, videos, music, information, etc).  Only a device with a camera is needed to turn real-world information into interactive or digital information.

Thursday 20 October 2011|

IPE Video – Labels printed with Optical Pigments

The main characteristic of labels printed with optical pigments is their capacity to reflect light, creating amazing sparkles that boost colour and enhance the label.

Thursday 20 October 2011|

IPE Video – Labels with QR Codes

QR codes are the evolution from barcodes and they can store hundreds of times more information in less space than a traditional barcode. QR codes are able to manage all types of data; numerical, alphabetical, symbols, control codes, etc

Thursday 20 October 2011|

IPE Video – Labels with Micro Stamping

With Micro Stamping we obtain elegant and delicate designs, over a metal colour layer.  Leafs, drops, stars, branches, waves are some of the shapes that can be obtained with Micro Stamping.

Thursday 20 October 2011|

IPE Video – Labels with Stamping + Embossing

The label shown on the image has Micro Stamping on the silver area, with a snail-shape design that gives the label a fine finish, whilst the gold stamping with High Embossing gives the label a notable and unique appearance.

Thursday 20 October 2011|

Labels with Stamping + High Embossing

When designing a label or packaging it is fundamental to use innovative materials and techniques that generate a visual impact . That is why IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L has developed a special embossing that combines Stamping + High Embossing, to create a metallic effect with striking volume on the labels. With the labels with Stamping [...]

Thursday 22 September 2011|

Visit us at EMPACK 2011

With the increase in the use of new technologies, intelligent mobile devices, the Internet…it is necessary to offer innovative products adapted to the consumers’ new habits and needs. IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L, aware of this new reality, has developed the Interactive Label, which will be presented at the next edition of Empack 2011 which [...]

Thursday 22 September 2011|

Self-destructing Labels

Every year the number of falsified, manipulated and stolen products increases, which means a considerable loss in money for different sectors. Against this situation it is important to know the different Labelling options in order to improve product security. One of the Solutions that IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L offers within its range of Security [...]

Thursday 22 September 2011|

The Tamper Evident or Sealing Band, is a manipulation proof safety system

The tamper evident meets the safety requirements and guarantees that today’s market demands, protecting the integrity of the product thanks to fitting the sleeve on the jar lid. With the sleeve a perforated safety band is created, which is easy to open and gives maximum security, and can be unidentified or printed offering a means [...]

Thursday 22 September 2011|

Interactive Labels: New technological innovation applied to labels

The use of new technologies as means of communication is being used increasingly by companies to relate to their clients. That is why IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetaje S.L has developed the “Interactive Label”, by which real-world information becomes interactive.  These labels use image-recognition technology by means of a camera to identify any type of object [...]

Saturday 16 July 2011|

IPE – Awarded first prize at the FINAT Label Awards for its Optical Pigmentation label

IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L won the first prize at the 31st edition of the International federation of self-adhesive label manufacturers FINAT competition held during its recent annual congress in Italy.  More than 360 works from the worlds 50 best self-adhesive label manufacturers were presented at this edition.  The award was granted for best self-promotion [...]

Wednesday 6 July 2011|

Labels with textures

Currently there are special supports to manufacture labels with tactile finishes that can simulate different materials and textures. Cork, canvas, plastic, wood are some of the finishes offered by IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L, within its range of Labels with textures. This type of sensorial finish for labels, besides from being decorative, gives the product [...]

Sunday 29 May 2011|

Scratch labels

IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L offers different applications to make promotions on products. Among the most popular are the Collar Labels which are ideal to place on bottle-necks for them to hang,  and the Scratch Label which have a special area which reveals information when scratched.  Scratch Labels are ideal for contests and prizes. These [...]

Sunday 29 May 2011|

Presents 3D Virtual Scale-model service

SleeveDirect, registered brand name of IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L.,  specialised in printing SLEEVES retractile labels, presents its 3D Virtual scale-model service. The company has invested in the latest technology so that its clients can see their product’s sleeve prototype, in three dimensions, before printing. This is especially useful in order to see the benefits [...]

Wednesday 18 May 2011|

QR Codes on product labels

In its strive to offer not just a product but also a wide range of services, IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L has developed a new QR label codes assessment and printing service. The QR codes are bar codes that can be scanned by intelligent mobile telephones that allow for direct communication with clients as the code [...]

Wednesday 18 May 2011|

Labels with Micro Stamping

Many labels have stamping details applied to enhance or emphasise an element of the labels’ design.  In gold, silver, bronze or any other metal colour, stamping creates an excellent effect on labels.  With Micro Stamping we go a step further in developing applications with stamping, as the delicate relief on the metal surface forms elegant [...]

Tuesday 19 April 2011|

Advantages of applying Sleeves

IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetaje, S.L, shows you all the advantages of using  shrinkable label sleeves on product containers:360º Covering decoration They adapt to any shape and size of container. It is not necessary to keep a stock of pre-printed containers. Possibility of combining printed areas with transparencies. The sleeve can be full-body, half-body or also [...]

Tuesday 29 March 2011|

Labels for Cans

On glass, plastic or metal containers, the label is undoubtedly one of the main factors that influence when deciding to make a purchase. On some occasions we are surprised to see the use of labels on products that are usually directly printed onto the container by means of lithography, such as the case of canned [...]

Monday 21 March 2011|

Metal Silver Sleeve

Once more IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L, through its brand Sleeve Direct, surprises us with this spectacular material that creates a metal effect, with which it is possible to cover part or the entire container. In silver or in gold, the Metallic Sleeve is ideal for products that want to achieve a great visual impact [...]

Sunday 27 February 2011|

Decorative Sleeves Printing

The use of shrink sleeves is increasing every day more in the field of product decoration in all sectors, as it is one of the most modern systems of integral decoration for containers. Sleeves adjust to the shape and size of any container; they can be applied on one side of the container, such as [...]

Wednesday 29 September 2010|

Política de Cookies

POLÍTICA DE COOKIES Una cookie es un pequeño fichero de texto que se almacena en su navegador cuando visita casi cualquier página web. Su utilidad es que la web sea capaz de recordar su visita cuando vuelva a navegar por esa página. Las cookies suelen almacenar información de carácter técnico, preferencias personales, personalización de contenidos, estadísticas de uso, enlaces [...]

Tuesday 27 April 2010|
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