The use of new technologies as means of communication is being used increasingly by companies to relate to their clients. That is why IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetaje S.L has developed the “Interactive Label”, by which real-world information becomes interactive. 
These labels use image-recognition technology by means of a camera to identify any type of object in real time:  Photos, logos, drawings, faces, bidi codes, QR codes and bar codes. Once the application has recognized the image it searches on the Internet for the multimedia content associated and superimposes it in a dynamic way, offering multiple interactive applications. Animated 3D models, videos, floating images, texts, interactive menus, audio and music, social data. 
A product label that shows the company’s logo in 3D, an image on the label linked to recipe videos, operating instructions or product demonstrations, a face with a label that associates it to an advert, the drawing of a landscape linked to a tourist trip, contests, promotions…the possibilities that can be developed with Interactive Labels are infinite.
With this new product IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetaje S.L goes a step further in the innovation of technologies applied to labels.