VILLA CONCHI BLOGThinking about restyling or redesigning a label means maintaining the product’s base image while updating and improving its aesthetics.
This was the challenge set down by Cavas Villa Conchi:  To improve the design of the label that had accompanied the image of the four Cava Villa Conchi varieties, taking the original label as the reference.
The main goal was to transmit an elegant style. Thanks to the combination of different printing techniques, Microstamping, High Relieve 3D + Flat Stamping, we managed to create a label with all sorts of details that truly represent the quality of this premium cava.
The label sums up an impressive technical achievement, using different technologies for each one of them, going after a specific goal for each one of them and searching for a specific goal for each one of them (provide volume, highlight details, etc.).
The result: A new label that keeps the image of the original one but that has led to an important image change and consumer product perception, with a very positive effect on the cava’s promotion and sales.