IPE innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L through its brand SleeveDirect,
specialised in high quality Sleeve shrinkable labels, provides information on
the different ways of applying thermo-shrinkable labels to containers:

  1. Full-body
    Shrinkable labels only covers the base of the
  2. Full-body
    Sleeve plus Seal.
     Labels covers the base and the top of the
    container and include a horizontal and vertical pre-cutting on the top for easy
    opening that also acts as guarantee seal.
  3. Half-body
    Sleeves are placed on a part of the container such as
    the shoulder or half-body.
  4. Seal
    :  Sleeves have
    the function of security seal which is perforated on the top of the container
    for maximum security and easy opening. They can be printed or blank.