The range of “Adaptable Labels” by IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L offers several special
applications for labels adapted to the container’s functionality, design and

Included among the range of “Adaptable Labels” are:

Open & Close labels
for flexible containers, allow easily opening and closing the product.  Used on packets of wipes for
personal hygiene, cleansing, make-up removers, etc.  The label is placed to guarantee the security
of the first opening and allows easily opening and closing the packet
, fully
preserving the product’s properties.  
2. Labels for Flexible Tubes are made with an innovative
component that forms a transparent film which perfectly adapts to the tube’s
shape and covers the container’s surface completely.  Labels can be made for tubes of different
diameters and lengths.
3. Collar labels are ideal to place on containers with
a neck for hanging labels.  These labels
can be made in any die-cutting format, printed on all sides and made as
dropdown labels to provide more space for information. 
All these labels can be manufactured
combining different materials and printing technology as IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L has the latest technology to manufacture highly
complex labels.