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IPE in the social networks

Thursday 1 August 2013|

Since last June IPE- Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L, has a profile on Twitter. In this way,  and with the aim of creating new communication channels with our client and collaborators, we have started out on a new venture in the social networks. We have started with our profile on Twitter @IPE_Etiquetas, where we will comment on news, articles [...]

Labels that help the consumer

Thursday 1 August 2013|

Description of “label”(according to the dictionary): Brand, sign or tag placed on an object or on merchandise for its identification, evaluation, classification, etc. Up to this point the definition, however, we all know that a label, sleeve or any other type of packaging is much more than just an element to identify a product. The label [...]

Labels with Stamping + High Embossing

Thursday 22 September 2011|

When designing a label or packaging it is fundamental to use innovative materials and techniques that generate a visual impact . That is why IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L has developed a special embossing that combines Stamping + High Embossing, to create a metallic effect with striking volume on the labels. With the labels with Stamping [...]

Visit us at EMPACK 2011

Thursday 22 September 2011|

With the increase in the use of new technologies, intelligent mobile devices, the Internet…it is necessary to offer innovative products adapted to the consumers’ new habits and needs. IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L, aware of this new reality, has developed the Interactive Label, which will be presented at the next edition of Empack 2011 which [...]

Interactive Labels: New technological innovation applied to labels

Saturday 16 July 2011|

The use of new technologies as means of communication is being used increasingly by companies to relate to their clients. That is why IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetaje S.L has developed the “Interactive Label”, by which real-world information becomes interactive.  These labels use image-recognition technology by means of a camera to identify any type of object [...]

QR Codes on product labels

Wednesday 18 May 2011|

In its strive to offer not just a product but also a wide range of services, IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L has developed a new QR label codes assessment and printing service. The QR codes are bar codes that can be scanned by intelligent mobile telephones that allow for direct communication with clients as the code [...]

Labels with Micro Stamping

Tuesday 19 April 2011|

Many labels have stamping details applied to enhance or emphasise an element of the labels’ design.  In gold, silver, bronze or any other metal colour, stamping creates an excellent effect on labels.  With Micro Stamping we go a step further in developing applications with stamping, as the delicate relief on the metal surface forms elegant [...]

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