• Who are my public? How can I reach them through labelling/packaging?
  • New ways of thinking: Can I merge labelling and packaging in just one material?
  • How can I take advantage of the label to differentiate and protect my product from the competition?
  • Can I make my label ECOFRIENDLY?

As there is a
label for every need and as each and every need and effort, from the product
communication and differentiation point of view, requires a type of label or
aspects to be considered for the labelling, we have summarised some of the main
needs that our clients have told us about and the possible applications
regarding labelling for each need.

If you come up
with any questions like the ones in the image- “how to merge labelling and
packaging in just one material?”, “can I convert my label to an
eco-friendly label?”
or any other question related to your product
labelling, don’t forget that our team of experts is at hand to clarify or solve
any doubt you may have regarding labelling solutions.

·         STAND OUT: Relieves and Stampings

.         INTERACTIVE: Interactive Labels

·         ECONOMISE: Sleeves: Packaging + Label

·         SHINE: Labels with Optical Pigments and Metallised Effects

·         BE DIFFERENT: Sleeves

·         TRANSMIT: Aromatic Labels-Thermo-chromatic Labels

·         SURPRISE: Labels and Sleeves with holographic effects.

·         PROMOTE YOURSELF:  Scratch Card, Promotions, etc..

·         COMMIT YOURSELF: Ecological Labels

·         CREATE: IPE Label Laboratory of ideas.

·      BECAUSE WE ARE DIFFERENT: Labels with special effects, Braille Labels, customised designs, etc..