We have
already spoken on many occasions on our blog about the advantages of multi-page
labels that allow us to incorporate additional information on the product.

The Booklet  label
is a self-adhesive and foldable label with a double layer of material that
offers a surface area that is 3 times greater in comparison to the conventional
one-layer label.
New communication solutions and options!:  The label offers a
solution to labelling products with problems like the lack of space to give
information, illegible texts, descriptions in different languages or that
include promotional texts.
and Other Uses:

.Optimisation of label space. Less space given to the label on a product (it is concentrated and
even has more information in just one element and in a lower sized area), which
allows us to keep the product attractive and increase sales possibilities (multilingual
. Visual
impact… awaken the consumer’s curiosity
Promotions on transparent packaging:  The inner face of
the base label can be used as a promotional element including codes, information, images etc.. that the consumer will only discover after
using the product.

and finishes:
. Base Label: Print
on white or transparent FILM and up to 7 different colours can be printed.
. Superior Label:
Print on white FILM and up to 5 colours.
In addition to the already mentioned advantages, is an ideal option for
labelling applications on products such as food and drink, cosmetics, cleaning,
industrial products, electronics etc.

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