At IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L., we continuously incorporate new materials into our high quality labelling and sleeves manufacturing processes.
We recently got “new members” in our family of materials. We take great pleasure in presenting some of them here:

DOUBLE-SIDED METALLIC EFFECT MATERIALS: A very new material whose main feature is the golden metallic effect that it gives to both the front and back of the label. An ideal material for transparent packaging of liquid materials in which the label is always present and, moreover, it can be printed directly onto the adhesive meaning that the reverse side can be printed too and therefore we can take double advantage of the “gold” effect.

NEW FILMS specially designed for food product labelling. They allow us to print the image/logo on the film and they can stand temperatures below 5ºC.
HOLOGRAPHIC SHRINK FILM: A new high quality shrinking film, applicable to all types of sleeves that gives a holographic finish with different tonalities and different coloured flashes.
NEW MATERIALS to manufacture textile labels for the bedding industry.
NEW MATERIALS for labelling blood plasma bags that guarantee 100% adherence under extreme conditions. These are adhesives formulated to act at low temperatures, therefore guaranteeing secondary label adherence (labels used to note down additional information after the bag has been frozen).

For more information about these and other new concepts, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at