Volugraph is a special technique that confers a volume effect to all or part of the label.  

Applying this technique allows enhancing, by means of embossing, certain elements of the label creating a sense of volume.  Thus, the metallised effect provides a shiny an enhanced result. 

Sensations and Emotions on labels: 

This technique allows creating an appropriate aesthetic feel for products that want to transmit a prestigious image. This technique is generally used for wine and perfume labels that wish to transmit a coherent, aesthetic, elegant and differentiated label capable of creating emotions. 
An effect which transmits a feel of unique quality and craftsmanship. 
In addition, metallised volugraph may be applied on film, enabling an embossing effect on materials such as PE, PP, PET, etc. 

Applications, Advantages and Characteristics: 

•Combines embossing with metallised colour or holographic effect at the same time.
•Confers a feeling of crafted product, hand made. 
•Provides a high embossing effect.
•The embossing is achieved without marking the support paper, thereby eliminating problems with the labelling.
•It can be applied both on paper and film.
•It can be made in multiple colours and effects:  gold, silver, red, copper, green, shiny, matt, holographic, etc. 
•Perfect match of both effects.
•It can be combined with many other effects.