Currently, digital technology allows us to offer high quality products in a more flexible and agile way.
At IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L, we invest in the latest technological advances in order to offer our clients a fast, efficient and economic service in the production of printing materials which, due to their features, require this type of technology.


• + HIGH DEFINITION:  Premium Quality and Definition

Texts that are defined, with gradients, smooth, masses of colour, homogenous and a perfect registration of colours along with a wide range of colour configurations means we can cover practically all of our clients’ needs in label printing matters.

• + FLEXIBILITY: Ideal for Small and Medium Print Runs

At IPE we understand that a good service is based on satisfying our clients’ needs. Digital technology allows us to offer greater flexibility in label printing. 
Small and medium print runs, better adapting to specific printing requirements, simplicity in the post-printing process and less printing costs = Unbeatable flexibility and comfort.

• + SPEED: PrePress direct to the machine. Web to Print

Time is money! That’s why the extraordinary speed of the digital printing that IPE works with allows us to reduce production times, which translates into faster delivery times. 

• + OPTIONS : All types of materials and finishes 

Printing of all types of labels for different sectors in a very wide range of materials and finishes.
.Final printing on pre-print labels for final personalisation.
.Printing of variable data (images, texts, barcodes, QR, etc..)
+…great potential for customised applications 
Our company philosophy is based on the continuous improvement of our processes and products. The investment in digital technology is one of the latest improvements we have incorporated into our range of labelling services and solutions.
Digital technology, in addition to the already mentioned advantages, is an ideal option for labelling applications on products such as food and drink, cosmetics, cleaning, industrial products, electronics etc.
More information? Please do not hesitate to contact us by send an e-mail to and we will be delighted to answer any doubts you may have about our new digital technology options.