Piracy and falsification of products, especially in
the cosmetics industry (creams, perfumes, etc..) but also in food and drink
products, is a reality that many manufacturers have to face up to.

According to a survey carried out some time ago by
ANDEMA*, 17% of companies in the Drinks sector have had some type of brand
usurpation problem, and in the case of the Food sector the percentages are
around 12% and 4% for the Cosmetics sector.
For this reason the demand for intelligent packaging and labels is on the increase, as very
often they are the only option manufacturers have to guarantee the authenticity
of their products.
And so there are different types of secure labelling that can help the manufacturer and protect the consumer against piracy.
The authenticity Guarantee labels are aimed at fighting against falsification as they incorporate a hologram
that assures the customer that the product is original. 
There are also the interactive labels which,
although they are not aimed at guaranteeing the authenticity of the product,
they can suppose a barrier against falsification.

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