Once again, FINAT
International Federation of Self- Adhesive Label Manufacturers- has given 4 top
recommendations to our labels in the annual awards competition organised by
this association.
The labels have stood out for their technical levels of printing as well as
for their communication capacity with the end client.
All of them represent a wide range of technical capacities that IPE-Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L.– can apply in
labelling solutions: technology combinations, technical capacity, use of
complex materials, multiple finishing options, etc….

The top recommendations awarded by FINAT were for our labels:

“Recuérdame” by Vallformosa, a label that stands
out for its print quality and the combination of technologies applied to
achieve a unique label that, in addition to transmitting an elegant image, also
incorporates a communication tool- a “recuérdame”- (remember me)
coupon aimed at establishing a bond between the consumer and the brand.

Flor de Vetus: A sophisticated label achieved thanks to
the combination of different print techniques along with other details like a
tactile varnish that gives it a touch of distinction and furnishes the label
with tact. 
We would highlight the application carried out with a thermo-chromic ink
that indicates, through colour changes in a fine butterfly, the right
temperature to drink the wine.

Planas Albareda: A label where the details are the highlights as this label has effects and
combinations that are rather complex regarding the material chosen to print and
the applied impressions. Hot impression and just one-time print that has
allowed us to create this high quality label that loyally represents the
combination between a modern style and, at the same time, a traditional image
of this cava’s production brand.


An original and attractive sleeve where
the coordination between IPE, designers and client has been fundamental to
achieve a different and exclusive image, full of details. From the technical
point of view the combination of inks and a matt finish effect are two of the
main characteristics of this unique design.