At IPE-Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L.- we are very pleased about the
great interest shown in our new labels grouped under the collection called 
“Sensations and Emotions on the

At present, the value of label design is of the utmost importance for the viniculture
sector as it is an element that has a direct influence on the perception the
consumer is going to have about the quality of the product and the image of the
The label has to manage to create emotions and sensations through the senses
and reproduce “the essence and the spirit” belonging to each and
every wine.

In order to correctly integrate the label design it is fundamental to know the
different options that available nowadays to create unique elements…..

There are no limits to communicate what you want to communicate through your

Materials, relieves, special textures are just some of the possibilities to
create “Sensations
and Emotions on the labels”