At IPE-Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L.- we are aware of the
impact our activity could have on the environment and for that very reason we
set up the IPE EcoConciencia (IPE EcoAwareness) programme over 3 years ago, a
programme based on an entire series of steps to be taken in order to minimise
the impact on the environment and generate awareness about the importance of
conserving our surroundings.
Many actions have been
implemented since the start of the programme and, in the last few months, we
have incorporated new measures. 
The following is a
description of the main IPE EcoConciencia lines of action and how we are implementing them:
of environmental impact
: actions aimed at:

a reduction in energy consumption: 
we have managed to progressively reduce our energy consumption per
production unit and be more efficient.
waste management
: along with our recycling suppliers, we
manage our waste in a more efficient way.
of Suppliers/Machinery and Materials:
in the materials
used at the different stages of our
production activity.  One example: The change to use gummed paper as the
closing system for our boxes as this is an ecological seal whose materials are
100% natural.
 We give great importance to our suppliers’ commitment
regarding environmental policies.
3).-Machinery: The machinery we use whilst carrying out our activities is a
key element in our production process because we need tools that help us to
fulfil our environmental protection goals; that’s why energy savings or other
features that facilitate any of our goals are priorities that we take into
account regarding the machinery we use.
4).-Materials: Exactly the same happens with the materials with which we
manufacture our labels. We therefore carry out a communications policy based on
explaining to our clients that there are more ecological materials and the
advantages that the use of these materials means. The use of fine materials –as
they weigh less they are clearly more efficient in terms of transport and
storage- or materials with natural resources like sugar cane, are just some
examples of the choices that we can all make in order to encourage and
contribute towards our environmental commitment.
you like to help us in our environmental improvement efforts? 
If you are an IPE client
and you have recently done something aimed at environmental improvement, we
invite you to send the information to and we
will speak about your efforts in our next newsletter (*).
*We will choose two from
all the received proposals.