Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L., we continue working in different actions
whose objective is to minimise the impact on the environment.

The latest
of these actions has been the important investment we have recently made in our
production building where we have substituted the lighting we had to date for
new lighting with LED’s.

LED’s, thanks to their reduced size, offer
greater capacity to generate light, in addition to other advantages:
Energy Efficiency.
According to the data we
have, LED’s consume between 80-90% less energy. This means two things:
a).-Greater savings in our electricity
b).- An energy saving that is equivalent to
not having to sacrifice the life of 780 trees*in one year!.
*Real calculation based on the lighting
change carried out in our installations.
air conditioning consumption:
Summer is coming,
and this year promises not to be so hot (at least not in the IPE installations)
the reason? as opposed to traditional bulbs, LED’s do not give off heat so, in
some ways, this fact influences on the atmosphere temperature in our building.
light during more time:
The average life of an
LED lamp is 45.000 hours compared to 2.000 with a standard bulb. Moreover, they
require less maintenance, so we just keep adding advantages.
The main reason for the change: They are ecological
Traditional bulbs contain different toxic
products whilst LED’s comply with the European RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous
Substances) Standard, which establishes restrictions in the use of certain
dangerous substances in products for electric and electronic equipment.. and moreover, they are recyclable!

, we believe that the conservation and improvement of the
environment is, in addition to being a priority, also the
best guarantee for our future. 
That’s why we continue investing in actions like
this, that give shape and meaning to our IPE Eco-awareness programme, a
programme through which we hope to make our workers, suppliers and clients more
aware and more involved through actions that contribute to sustainable