We are pleased to inform you that we have
recently been awarded, at the last edition of the  “World Label Awards“, the sector’s
worldwide awards, for the label developed for Bodegas Planas Albareda.

This award means worldwide recognition of
our technical printing standards and our label finishes.
“World Label Awards” are the
awards given by the worldwide associations of label manufacturers and they acknowledge
innovation and technological development in the sector. The jury is made up of
members from different world scale associations, FINAT (Europe), JFLP (Japan),
LATMA (Australia), ABIEA (Brazil), SALMA (New Zealand) and TLMI (USA).
The label developed for Bodegas Planas
Albareda was also given recognition at the last edition of the FINAT’2013
awards (International Federation of Self-Adhesive Label Manufacturers).
The awarded label stands out for the
quality of the details as it is a label with some effects and combinations that
are rather complex regarding the material chosen for printing and the stamping
applied. Hot-stamping and printing at the same time that allows us to create a
high quality label that loyally represents the combination between a modern
style and the traditional image of this cava brand producer.
We work each project to the utmost detail,
applying the latest technological advances and searching for the optimal
combination of materials, inks, finish, etc.. for each type of label. For this
very reason these acknowledgments make us proud, whilst driving us to continue
betting on innovation and technology investments, which allow us to look for
new ways of continually surpassing ourselves.
For us, innovation and providing added
value to our clients have always been two of the company’s main features
throughout its history.
A demonstration of this is the recent
investment that we in the company have made in a new machine that allows us to
apply different finishes to the same label- offset, flexography, stamping, microstamping,
relieves or laminates- all at once.
That’s why we can say that “currently,
with IPE, there are no limits to communicate and differentiate a product
through its label”.
Thanks to everyone!! to those who have made
this award possible and a special thanks to Bodegas Planas Albareda for
trusting in us for this project.