For yet another year, IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L,  has receiveved the prize
for the best printed label, at the 61st eddition of the Yearly Graphic Arts
Contest, organised by the Association of Graphic Arts Industry of Catalonia.

The label awarded “Flor de Vetus” is a delicate lable for white
wine which is has been printed combining different printing technologies:
Offset, Screen printing and Stamping
. Moreover, a tactile varnish was used to
give a touch of distinction and subtlety to the label’s appearance.
  Lastly, to complete the printing of this
complex work, a thermochronic ink was used which indicates with a change of
, on a fine butterfly, the ideal temperature to consume the wine.  

This work is the best
sample of what can be achieved when integrating techniques and materials as
part of a label’s design.