IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetaje presented at Enomaq under the concept “Sensations and Emotions on Labels” the latest applications for labels, specially outstanding new options aimed at providing unique effects through the combination of techniques, materials and inks. 
Thus, at the Enomaq Trade Fair we presented novelties such as the 3D High Embossing,  a technique that enables creating a spectacular effect with textures and sensations to the eye and touch due to the large volume created by the three-dimensional high embossing.   
Metallised volugraph was one of the novelties presented at Enomaq, a technique that confers a volume effect to all or part of the label creating a feel of high embossing. 
Likewise and under the brand Sleeve Direct by IPE, we presented the new options for sleeves, a trend that is gaining acceptance in the wine sector for products that want to generate a great visual impact on the store shelf .  
The Sleeve with stamping, a process where a metallised effect is applied on a shrinkable label, the holographic Sleeve with flashes of colour depending on the angle of view applicable to all or parts of the sleeve and the Metallised Silver Sleeve were some of the proposals presented by Sleeve Direct by IPE at the Enomaq Trade Fair.