We are inaugurating a new section with
brief advice about labelling and solutions in packaging.
Some of the advice will be about printing
formats, recommendations about materials, well, “technical advice”.
We will also publish advice focused on
themes related to “graphic design for labels” and, lastly, we will
talk about other more “marketing-like” themes aimed towards positioning and
differentiating products through labelling/packaging.
We leave you with the first piece of advice
from this section: ANNUAL CHECK-UP for product LABELLING/PACKAGING.
Just like many other things we do on a
personal scale (annual medical check-up, annual car service, etc..) every
company that commercialises a product must think about an “annual check-up” for
its labelling/packaging.
It is true that this point enters into the
company’s marketing and communication goals but, very often, as it is one point
within a long list of variables and factor to be considered, this “service” can
go unnoticed.
  •          How can we protect and improve
    the visual image of a product?
  •         Should we review the packaging
    from last year and think about new changes?
  •          Is the label in line with the
    brand image and the values we want to transmit?
  •          Can the level of
    packaging/labelling costs and materials be optimised?
  •          Are there other applications
    that we could use?
  •          What happens when a competitor
    imitates our label image and design? Does this weaken or strengthen our image?

…………these are just some of the
questions that are worthwhile considering to ensure that the labelling/packaging
is fulfilling its objectives.

There are currently thousands of materials,
different printing techniques, hundreds of finishes and labelling trends, and
all of this leads to multiple combinations and that’s why we would recommend you to contact us so that we can help you to find
the best solution that best adapts to your labelling needs, both from the
technical and conceptual points of view.