iStock_000012251873_MediumThe importance of the label as part of product branding and the multiple combinations of materials, inks, papers, functions, etc… that create a label has meant that assessment in label printers plays a more and more significant role in the development of a communication and sales element for the product, such as the label.
Label printers do not just have to know about all the features of the different elements that create a label, but also understand the needs of the client and of the product in order to offer the best solution. Moreover, fashion and trends play an important role in determining product branding.
What should you expect from a company specialising in label printing?
. Know-how and Professionalism:
It is taken for granted that any company will comply with these two aspects but…. to what extent?
Know-how and professionalism do not just mean knowing the processes and developing them in an optimal way, they also mean being authentic experts in the subject. This aspect is only achieved through innovation and continuous training.
The label printer must be active in the sector, participate in meetings and congresses with the international associations of label manufacturers, present their label for international awards, and attend presentations given by the collaborators that they work with (print machine manufacturers, paper manufacturers, ink manufacturers, etc…). Only by being up-to-date and knowing the long-standing options, the current ones and the future ones can the client be correctly advised and given the suitable combination.
. Innovation and Technology:
There is no doubt that technology is the key ally to ensure a label meets the client’s expectations. Effects, relieves, precision, error or deviation detection that are hardly perceptible to sight during the manufacturing process….. technology plays a key role in printing perfect labels that are delivered within the forecast time, way and cost. ¿Do you know what our investment in technology is?
. Marketing know-how
The label or the packaging is the only resource that the product has when it is left “alone” competing alongside many others.
Each company knows it product better than anyone, but the printer can help the client by listening and putting new options forward.
For example..and what if the product label is also interactive and can give the consumer an added value of x?, and what if the label can give the ideal temperature to serve a product….and if it also has an “open and close” function and every time it is opened aroma is released?….. the printer must place itself in the client’s shoes (whether a small producer, a large multinational, a daily or exclusive consumer product…), listen and ask the client questions, get absorbed in the goal being sought through the label and offer options in order to reach this goal.
. Flexibility
Sometimes long runs will be necessary, sometimes short ones. On occasions it will be necessary to adapt a label to various models or develop a customised sleeve. Other times the most interesting thing is a label price that is the most competitive possible or even to create a premium label linked to a special promotion. For some clients speed of delivery is the key factor. Others prefer the printer to take care of the logistics and to deliver the labels to the points indicated by the client… in any of these cases, flexibility is a decisive element when choosing a label printer.
The label printer must be “your partner in label solutions” and should therefore accompany you throughout the entire process.
At IPE we meet all of these requirements and we accompany our clients throughout the entire process.
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