New materials have many applications but, above all, they offer many advantages  – becoming finer and lighter all the
time-that are available for the creation of labels. 
At IPE-Innovaciones
Para Etiquetajes S.L.-
 we have a new
range of lighter and finer 20g/m2 materials that bring many advantages
from the efficiency, cost and environmental commitment point of view and, regarding
manufacturing, these materials achieve approximate reductions of: 
.  13% in paper consumption
.  11% in water consumption
.  11% in energy consumption
.  10% in atmospheric contamination
.  13% in waste
If we also add the fact that finer labelling offers a
differentiating and elegant image to the product, as well as being practical
and functional …What else can you ask for?
For further information
please send an e-mail to and we will be more
than happy to introduce you to and explain about our new range of materials.