A while back we told you in this blog about
a new norm that would be applied to bars and restaurants in Spain from the 1st
of January 2014 regarding the obligation to present olive oil in bottles that
are duly labelled, in non-refillable packaging or in one-use packaging.

This has led to the new “mini-bottle”
format for olive oil and they can already be seen in many restaurants in Spain.
Once again, the label is the key element to
make the product different and to be one of the main communication tools that
the brands have available to them. The label has to manage to create emotions
and sensations through the senses and to reproduce” the essence and the spirit”
behind every olive oil.
This measure means it is now a good time to
think about a new label from the design point of view, communication options
offered by the different types of labels and the required adjustments – as per
the norm- for labelling these new bottles.
At IPE-Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes S.L. we
offer you an extensive range of labelling options like our Graphic Design
Service so that your labels are in line with legal requirements.
Send us your product information (logo, name,
label size, etc..) and we will prepare a non-committal design quote and a
labelling quote.
more information please contact us at marketing@ipe-innovaciones.com.