The good, if brief and simple, is twice as good.

Embossing, shines, effects, etc., the variety of techniques and the possible combinations to apply on labels is increasingly wider, almost infinite, and that is why at IPE we focus our efforts on informing our clients that there is No limit when it comes to communicating and differentiating a product.
However the differentiation can also be achieved with certain effects or combinations of them, it all depends on what we wish to transmit and who the product is intended for.
The simplicity and minimalism on labels is an increasing trend. A clean and simple images is appreciated by many consumer who look for a product that transmits trust and closeness.
This type of apparently simple labels requires choosing the appropriate technique and a careful selection of the material to achieve an “apparent” simplicity which has been studied and planned in detail.
Design plays an essential role on these type of labels which on many occasions combine printing on white self-adhesive paper with transparent printing.
Some example of simple labels whose design of which has been recognised by its simplicity.

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