At IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L, we believe that preserving and improving the environment, besides from a
priority, is is the best future guarantee. That is why the programme IPE EcoConcience has seen
the light, with which we whish to encourage awareness and involve our
employees, suppliers and clients with actions that contribute to a sustainable

With IPE EcoConcience we are committed to follow
the lines of action hereunder: 

• Minimisation of the environmental impact.

• Use of best practices and technologies
available to anticipate, avoid and minimise the contamination of the
environment in IPE’s different business stages.

• Promoting environmental training and awareness
among employees, suppliers and clients.

• Promoting the business action in the fight
against climate change, reducing the Carbon footprint.

• Assessing and choosing subcontracts and suppliers
coherently with these principles.

• Promoting the continuous improvement of the
environmental management system.