Fuente imagen: Barlow Doherty 
A design agency,
was given a challenge: To develop a new image and label for a South African
brand of wine, but in such a way that, through the label, the sensation of
“being on holiday” was transmitted. 

In order to do so, the studio opted for a
flashy, fresh and multicolour label design that allowed them to incorporate
many of the concepts–like the map of South Africa-  that they wanted to include on the label with
the aim of transmitting the “ experiences lived” during holidays in South

This is an interesting idea that could well be applied to the
different D.O. areas, linking the product to the tourism experiences that can
be enjoyed in a specific geographical region.
Fuente Imagen:http://www.barlowdoherty.com/our-work/wine-label-design/the-garden-route.aspx
Fuente noticia:http://www.seriousaboutwine.co.za/2012/02/the-garden-route-wine-label-design/