IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L is part of the 15% of the
Family Run Businesses that survive to the third generation.  This continuity is mainly due to the synergy
between Francisco
Egea Gorina, founder and owner and his son Lluís Egea i Coma, to start new
businesses, manage the company and create commitment to the future with

IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L is currently managed by
Lluís Egea i Coma, who works together with his son Francesc Egea Marcó to
maintain the values, the vision and the passion for the company that was instilled
by the founder.

The key for success has been that every
generation has worked more and better than the previous one, contributing
professionalism, innovations and growth to the business, within the company’s
traditions and values. This task is currently carried out with great enthusiasm
and dedication by Francesc Egea Marcó, the third generation at IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L